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Mozzarella, Pesto & Fresh Tomato Panini

Serves 4


8 slices sourdough bread
8 thin slices mozzarella cheese
1/3 cup pesto sauce
4 slices tomato
2 tablespoons olive oil


  1. Brush olive oil over one side of each slice of bread. Places four slices of bread oiled side down and top each with a slice of cheese. Spread pesto over top of cheese, then top with tomato and another slice of cheese. Place the remaining four slices of bread oiled side up and top with the remaining cheese slices.
  2. Bring a large pan to medium-high heat. Combine the tomato mix bread slices with the cheese only bread slices, and arrange bread in the pan, (working in batches if needed). Press the down on the sandwiches with the flat side of a spatula and turn when bottom is lightly browned. Cook for several more minutes until the cheese is melted and both sides are evenly browned. Alternatively, use a panini press or another two-sided grill press.
Season: Fall